About Us

State-of-the art manufacturing facilities, research, innovation, and quality control.

Over 15 years, Anvil Cables has grown to become one of the most reliable cable manufacturers in East India – supplying products in India as well as exporting them. We started with manufacturing distribution line aluminium conductors and have now created a diverse portfolio of various cables. The growth of our business is powered by state-of-the art manufacturing facilities, research & innovation, quality control and a strong team of people whose skills and expertise have grown the business to new heights.
Our Vision

The story of Anvil Cables began in East India where the economic development was rather slow in 2000s. The promoters were deeply aware of the difficult living conditions of the people in their state. They incorporated Anvil Cables with the lofty vision to be able to add value to the lives of the people around them. This vision grew into a business which now aims to provide power to the deepest, most rural parts of the East Indian sub-continent. Today, we are committed to be a trusted, homegrown brand in the power sector, delivering best-in-class products and services in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Values

The company has grown from one manufacturing plant to a single point solution provider to Discoms, today because of a deeply embedded value system, driven by the vision to change the quality of human life.

Timeliness: To complete every commitment in the agreed time to create value for all involved parties.

Autonomy: Provide independence to team members to do their best and make decisions basis the information available

Determination: To keep moving forward, even in the toughest of projects, geographies, business scenarios

Transparency: To provide all stakeholders with complete and clear information for greater visibility

Respect: Appreciate and honour the work of every stakeholder and the value they bring to the table, without any bias

Humility: Keep moving forward, working hard, celebrating past laurels but being aware of the journey that lies ahead


Started manufacturing of Transmission Conductors


Started manufacturing aluminum conductors


Started manufacturing aluminium cables


Diversified the portfolio to include LT power cables, etc.


Ventured into the EPC business with rural electrification


Acquired the HT cables division of Nicco Corp


Entered the smart grid sector with AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) solution

Going Forward

Further Diversification

We build the power infrastucture

Power transmission, Smart Metering, Power control, Automation.
We do it all.

We manufacture the lines and install them

Smart Metering

The future of the power industry greatly relies on the reduction of AT&C loss, improve ARR, collection of data and bringing efficiency & transparency in billing and collection


We create infrastructure to distribute power to end consumers.


Power optimisation starts from the distribution, automation, control and monitoring of the power system architecture.

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